Monday 23 May 2022


A Commissioner of Oaths was on Friday humiliated, in front of clients, by his lover at Avondale Shopping Centre over allegations of failing to support his child.

Wellington Maruta, 54, was forced to stop certifying this clients’ documents to attend to his lover, Josephine Chikanda, 43.

Josephine drew the attention of people as she demanded that Maruta pays school fees for his 11-year-old and acquire her birth certificate.

“For how long are you going to continue squandering money with girlfriends without taking care of your child?” asked Josephine.

“Mwana anzwa nekudzingwa chikoro sekunonzi baba vakafa iwe uchitsotsonya mari neshamwari.

“All these clients are paying and you do not have concern for the upkeep of your child.

“Do you expect 6000 bond to pay fees, food and transport for our child?”

Maruta pleaded with his clients to excuse him as he recorded a video of Josephine arguing that she had violated a Protection Order.

He told H-Metro the reason he has not yet acquired a birth certificate for his child was in protest.

“Josephine is not my wife but my former girlfriend,” said Maruta.

“She approached court for maintenance thinking that she was  going to get more than I was giving her.

“She has come to realise that $6000 is nothing and for that reason she has decided to seek a variation.

“We are expected to appear before a magistrate on May 27, 2022 for a maintenance variation.

“I will only acquire a birth certificate for the child when Josephine approaches the court to cancel maintenance she is receiving from me.

“Kana asina kukanzurisa mari ye maintenance handitorese mwana birth certificate angatomutoresa zvake nezita rake kwete rangu.

“She has violated a court order by visiting my workplace to harass me.

“She also sent messages with vulgar language and it is my intention to take this before the courts of law,” said Maruta.

Josephine was in the company of her uncle.  H Metro


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