Tuesday 5 April 2022


 THE Zimbabwe Electricity Transmission Distribution Company (ZETDC) has warned prepaid customers they will not be able to buy electricity tokens from July unless they clear their debts.

The power utility is owed over $15 billion by consumers, both individuals and commercial entities.

ZETDC is reportedly losing over US$5 million to vandalism of its infrastructure annually.

Last week, ZETDC gave customers a one-week ultimatum to clear their outstanding debts or face disconnection.

“The ZETDC would like to thank its valued customers for positively responding to the call to clear outstanding balances, further to the seven-day moratorium that was given to defaulting post-paid customers,” the power utility company said in a statement.

“Prepaid customers with outstanding debts are hereby notified to clear their outstanding debt within the next three months ending June 2022.

“A three-month period has been extended for owing customers on prepaid meters to clear their debts with the expectation that the customers will clear at least a third of their debt before they can purchase power for the month.

“It is expected that a third of the debt will have been paid by April, 2022 and the final third will be paid by June 2022.

“After the three months, the full amount owing should be cleared before any purchase can be made.”

The power utility said the debt overhang was compromising service delivery.

“The current 50 percent redemption on token purchases has not been able to retire the debt over the years and the authority cannot afford to have service delivery getting compromised by the debt overhang,” ZETDC said. H Metro





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