Tuesday 12 April 2022


the late (right)nwith Zivanai

One of the engineers of the helicopter that crashed, Zivanai Chakwenya, said the accident could have been caused by bad weather.

He said they had worked together in Captain Chirimuuta’s weekend flights, but missed the tragic one.

The client, which the helicopter had gone to pick in Kwekwe, is said to have decided to come to Harare by road. Captain Chirimuuta worked for Chikopokopo Helicopters.

“I am yet to believe the death of my workmate and friend,” said Chakwenya. “The crash could have been caused by bad weather considering that the helicopter crashed away from the intended route.

“Flying from Kwekwe could not lead to a crash on the Mhondoro side but bad weather could have forced him to keep the safest route. We spent the better part of Saturday together, when he dropped Mai TT at her wedding held in Chisipite.

“From there, we took another client to Macheke, where we had fun with our client.

“His trip to Kwekwe is the only one I did not accompany him and, hey, I have been badly affected considering that he was still young and was expecting to join his family in Hwedza for the Easter Holidays.”

A Chikopokopo Helicopters official, only identified as Lloyd, also confirmed the death of Captain Chirimuuta and said investigations to establish the cause of the crash have since begun.

“We are yet to receive information on what exactly happened,” he said.

“Captain Chirimuuta had gone to pick up our client but the client changed his mind and he returned alone.

“The Civil Aviation team and the police have since begun investigating the cause of the crash and details will be released,” he said.

Felistas “Mai TT” Murata also spoke about Captain Chirimuuta. “He wanted to take me to the venue a bit early arguing that the weather was not favourable for good flights.

“We had a safe journey and landed nicely.

“He took his time with us at the venue, to allow my guests to pose for some photographs, although he had another flight to Macheke.

“It’s so scary. I will make sure I meet his family to pay condolences considering that he was part of my historical wedding.”

H-Metro even spoke to Captain Chirimuuta at Mai TT’s wedding on Saturday.

He warned this newspaper’s journalists against getting close to the helicopter just after it landed.

“Wangu usazotambira pedo nechikopokopo nekuti seri kwawamhanya nako uko ungadai wafa,” he said.

Mourners are gathered at Chirimuuta’s home in Glen View 7. Ironically it is also the same neighbourhood where the family of Mai TT’s husband, Tinashe Maphosa, stays.

Captain Chirimuuta is survived by his wife and two children. H Metro


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