Saturday 16 April 2022


Zimbabweans using social media to denigrate the country and downplay its development lack vital understanding and should consider becoming economically productive to build the nation, United Family International Church (UFIC) leader Prophet Emmanuel Makandiwa has said.

The Second Republic under President Mnangagwa, said Prophet Makandiwa, was undertaking transformative developmental projects that have placed the country in good stead for rapid economic growth.

He was speaking before thousands of congregants attending the UFIC Easter Conference in Chitungwiza yesterday.

Prophet Makandiwa likened the constant belittling of one’s own nation to a foreign audience through social media to a disease resulting from the “manifestation of a curse”.

He said, for some, unfairly criticising Zimbabwe had become an occupation.

“The problem with being a critic is that criticising can develop and eventually become a passion, and from being a passion it eventually becomes a commitment, and it then becomes an occupation.

“My heart bleeds a lot when I look at the next generation drowning every single day in this situation, in this quagmire called social media.

“No one can ever convince your children that having access to a smartphone doesn’t mean that you have access to smart thinking.

“That is why sometimes we say the things we say. Having access to the Internet does not mean you have access to wisdom. Every man now has his own opinion. I am encouraging you my brothers and sisters to focus and look at what has been done so far.”

Prophet Makandiwa stamped his seal of approval on Government’s development of key economic enablers such as roads, the Beitbridge Border Post and the Hwange Thermal Power Station.

“I am one of the people that would speak when things are not right,” he said. “When I see blood being spilled on our highways, I speak out against that.”

He said the rehabilitation and construction of new roads was already helping save lives.

“And now when I see what is happening and look at our highways . . . ,” he said to rapturous applause.

“I will take my time to explain. I know behind most of these activities; your Government has embarked on you have already started saving lives.

“There is a problem that I call a disease that has befallen us as a nation.

“The first time that I saw the manifestation of this disease was in the book of Genesis.”

He said according to the bible, the first manifestation of a curse was when Adam realised that he was naked.

“His ability to see that was based on him having acquired a curse. Before he was putting on the glory of God and when the glory of God left him that is when he saw that he was naked.”

Added Prophet Makandiwa: “The ability that our people have to see what is not there and not be able to see what is there is a manifestation of a fallen nature.

“We will cry and demand that you give us roads. But by the time you hand over that to us, we look at something else we don’t have. It’s a manifestation of a fallen nature.”

He said there was an unfair expectation on President Mnangagwa to deliver in five years, developmental projects that have a decade-long gestation period.

The ongoing expansion and modernisation of the Beitbridge Border Post, pointed out Prophet Makandiwa, was a bold declaration of President Mnangagwa’s intent to create an economic climate that is conducive to investment.

“Now you look at the Beitbridge Border Post; if you are into trucks you will agree with me that your truck would be stuck there for six days.

“But if you look at how Government has managed to modernise that port, it now takes you less than 20 minutes (to pass through).

“There is nothing that says do business in this country, which is more than the creation of such an environment at the port. To me, that is a statement.”

He said the President’s campaign for next year’s general election will be greatly aided by the developmental projects being undertaken by his Government.

“Even if you desist from campaigning, let the works speak for you. I cannot look at such a road and remain quiet.”

Prophet Makandiwa explained, in lucid detail, how the expansion of the Hwange Thermal Power Station was set to transform Zimbabwe into an electricity exporting nation soon.

“An establishment of a new line of power line whatever else that power represents I am already noticing changes.

“There is nothing that gives me hope than being in the dark yet knowing that light is on its way.

“The same is happening at Kariba. Sooner or later we will be able to export electricity. Whether the devil likes this or not these things are happening. I don’t know about you but I like development.”

He said the establishment of innovation hubs at all State universities will be the cornerstone of the country’s industrialisation agenda.

President Mnangagwa’s ability to ignore rabid critics while continuing to deliver progress was a clear indication of a hardworking, committed and God-given leader, emphasised Prophet Makandiwa.

“Your ability, Your Excellency and honourable Vice President (Dr Constantino Chiwenga), to be able to concentrate on your work and allow all of us to bark whilst you are concentrating on your work, is a God-given ability.

“Not many can do that. Many of us feel like retaliating but you keep on focusing on your work.

“We are going to give you our support, we are your children we are your sons and daughters.”

He said that it was Government’s duty to create an environment conducive to investment while individual Zimbabweans should take advantage of that to create employment.

“There is no reason for all of us here to be suffering. Even if they don’t create jobs for us it is never the responsibility of Government to create jobs for you.

“The creation of an environment is their responsibility so that you and we can prosper in our own land and we have that opportunity in this country.”

He also praised Government for its handling of the Covid-19 pandemic thanking authorities for implementing measures that safeguarded lives and the economy. Sunday Mail


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