Sunday 10 April 2022


THE ongoing tussle between Chillspot Records and Zimdancehall chanter Silent Killer, whose real name is Jimmy Mudereri, has opened a can of worms.

Several artistes have come out in defence of Silent Killer, while labelling DJ Fantan (Arnold Kamudyariwa) a ‘tyrant’ and ‘crook’.

DJ Fantan is the co-owner of Chillspot.

The relationship between Silent Killer and DJ Fantan turned sour last year after the former assaulted the latter’s younger brother, Tinashe Kamudyariwa.

Chillspot then severed ties with the controversial chanter a few weeks ago.

Blot, real name Takura Chiwoniso, came out guns blazing following the announcement.

The talented muso was also fired from Chillspot a couple of years back after some serious disagreements over payment issues.

“Chillspot were wrong in the way they addressed Silent Killer’s issue. I have worked with them before and understand their brutal nature,” said Blot.

“I don’t like the way they are treating artistes under their stable. DJ Fantan and his colleagues behave like demigods or kingmakers. They act like they own our talent and we cannot excel without them.

“My demise was directly caused by Chillspot. I fell out of favour with them over monetary issues and they started sidelining me, suffocating my career. That is what they do when you stand your ground.

“I faced serious sabotage and they shifted their focus to Jah Master, who they used to replace me.”

Blot reckons DJ Fantan was supposed to compromise on Silent Killer’s issue.

However, DJ Fantan dismissed Blot’s allegation, describing him as “a reckless and undisciplined guy”.

“Chillspot Records does not hate anyone. There is no way we can just wake up and fire our artistes because we invest a lot in them. The decision will have been reached after serious considerations,” explained DJ Fantan.

We have guiding rules and regulations, and we cannot tolerate any artiste who does not respect them.”

In a country teeming with budding talent, he added, they could not be patient with rogue chanters. “Music talent is in abundance in this country. Our studio is overwhelmed as we speak. So, when someone fails to abide by our guiding principles, we simply severe ties with them,” said DJ Fantan.

However, most Zimdancehall artistes are sympathising with Silent Killer, though they are not willing to directly confront DJ Fantan. Sunday Mail



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