Friday 11 March 2022


A 30-year-old Dzivaresekwa woman was shocked to learn in court that her husband was six years her junior.

Mavis Ratohwa thought Simbarashe Kambayo was 31 only to find out during a court case he lied about his age.

Kambayo took Ratohwa to the Harare Civil Court seeking a protection order against her, claiming she was physically, verbally and sexually abusing him.

“Mavis always threatens to kill me whenever I refuse to do what she wants as she is a bully,” he said.

“If I fail to comply with whatever she wants, she physically and verbally abuses me.  Sometimes, she even forces me to have sex with her.

“She is pretending to be pregnant and when l wanted to register her at the nearest clinic, she refused  She forces me to do jobs that I am not qualified to do.”

Said Ratohwa: “We were staying together in Mufakose at his father’s house, but the spirit from our church told us to move to Dzivaresekwa.

“I deny his allegations, he is my husband and I love him. He came home last night and said let’s not go to court.

“He is lying, when we started staying together, he was coming from Chitungwiza where he was staying with a witchdoctor.

“We started going to prophets and they told us he had ancestral spirits’ cloths and we should move from that place because it wasn’t safe for us.

“He had developed a habit of going out in the morning without eating and returning home at night having bathed.”

She added: “He would also refuse to eat my food and he is denying me my conjugal rights. He lied to me that he is 31-years-old. I only leant that he is 24 here in court.

“He has three different national IDs and he lies about everything.”

Magistrate Sharon Mashavire ordered her not to take advantage of her husband because he is younger.

The application was granted and she was ordered not to physically, sexually, verbally or emotionally abuse him. H Metro


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