Tuesday 8 March 2022


A SENIOR civil servant stands accused of assaulting his former wife in the presence of their children in Ruwa.

Itai Munaki, who is a director in the Ministry of Finance and Economic Development, is alleged to have hit and dragged his former wife, Grace Musa, while their two minor children, aged eight and 10, watched in tears.

Grace said the incident took place sometime in December.

The case was referred by the prosecutor back to the police to alter the charges from domestic violence to violation of a court order.

Grace successfully applied for a protection order sometime in 2019.

Suspecting justice was being delayed, and frustrated, she then approached the police to push for further investigations.

She claimed the matter was deferred three times at Goromonzi Magistrates Court after a number of omissions were noted on the charge sheet.

There were also other technicalities.

On one occasion, the police reportedly failed to serve Munaki with court papers saying he was not available.

Grace’s continued battle for justice finally succeeded last week and Munaki is expected to appear in court today.

Harare provincial police spokesperson, Chief Inspector Tendai Mwanza, said there were conditions from the prosecution which needed to be fulfilled.

“It was not a delay but a process where the prosecutor needed to give the go-ahead as there were some facts that needed to be established,” said Chief Insp Mwanza.

Munaki’s lawyer, Chenjerai Daitai, of Magwaliba and Kwirira Legal Practitioners also clarified the reason for delays.

“The other time we went to court, we were ready for court but the prosecutor advised the police to change an ordinary domestic violence charge to violation of a protection order,” said Daitai.

“At one time, when police wanted to summon Munaki, he was in Kariba and that could have contributed to the delay.

“So, it was not our problem and we are not delaying progress of this matter but are ready for trial.

“He was summoned to go to court at Goromonzi Magistrate Court tomorrow (today).”

Grace said she reported a domestic violence, and violation of a protection order case, to the police in December 2021.

She successfully applied for a protection order at Harare Civil Court on May 2, 2019.

Munaki was ordered not to physically, or verbally abuse her.

But, on December 28, 2021, Munaki was reported to have violated the protection order, when he assaulted her.

Munaki separated from Grace sometime in 2016. H Metro


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