Tuesday 8 March 2022


Masvingo Provincial Affairs and Devolution Minister Ezra Chadzamira has rallied urban voters to dump opposition councillors for sleeping on the wheel resulting in the total collapse of service delivery in towns and cities which are now being rescued by President Mnangagwa’s visionary leadership.

Minister Chadamira said in Masvingo City, new clinics and roads were being built using devolution funds after opposition-run councils presided over rot and decay of services since the year 2000.

Hundreds of people attending a Zanu PF campaign rally in Masvingo City’s Runyararo West in Ward 3 where Minister Chadzamira rapped opposition-run councils on Monday.

Addressing hundreds of Zanu PF supporters in Runyararo West suburb during a campaign rally to drum up support for the ruling party candidate for Ward 3 in the forthcoming by-elections, Cde Taurai Mudzwiti on Monday, Minister Chadzamira said the revolutionary party represented the future of a prosperous Zimbabwe.

He challenged urban voters to vote for delivery saying the new dispensation under President Mnangagwa had effected many changes, especially in the area of infrastructure to improve people’s living standards.

The Minister noted that the Emergency Road Rehabilitation Programme had transformed the road network in Masvingo City which was in battered shape owing to years of neglect by opposition-run councils.

The devolution master-stroke by President Mnangagwa had also enabled Government to fund the building of a new clinic in Runyararo West to decongestant existing health facilities in line with Vision 2030.

Voting for Zanu PF’s Cde Mudzwiti added Minister Chadzamira, would send a clear message to the opposition that the days of cheap politicking were over with delivery being the new slogan as Zimbabwe angles for an upper middle-income status by 2030.

Masvingo is eyeing world-class city status by 2030 but the local authority is currency blighted by acute water woes and rundown infrastructure such as roads following years of mismanagement by the opposition-dominated city council.

Cde Mudzwiti will square up with MDC-Alliance’s Mr Tarusenga Vembo and CCC party’s Mr Rocky Kamuzondo in the March 26 by-elections.

The ward fell vacant after Mr Vembo was recalled by his MDC Alliance party which initially suspected he had ditched the party. Herald


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