Tuesday 29 March 2022


A 21-year-old student lost his life last Tuesday after being run over by a municipal police traffic vehicle which was in a high speed chase with a kombi along Charter Road in Harare.

Tatenda Vambe, a Red Cross student in Highfield, died on the spot.

Municipal police officials’ were barred from attending the funeral by the deceased’s relatives.

They accused the council traffic law enforcers of reckless driving. One of Tatenda’s neighbours, Farai Mandovha, who attended the scene, told H-Metro the deceased’s body was quickly removed from the scene.

“Tatenda had great potential and was training under the Red Cross Society,” said Farai.

“His body was removed from the scene quickly, with some suggesting that he was a street kid, and that affected us very much as a family.

“Some were suggesting that Tatenda had thrown himself onto the moving vehicle as a way of covering their reckless driving.

“When some officials from the municipal police came here with their US$60 funeral contribution, we refused to accept it in anger.

“We finally came to an understanding with them following consultations and if everything goes according to plan Tatenda will be laid to rest at Grenville Cemetery.”

Born in a family of three, Tatenda was the second child. H Metro



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