Monday 14 March 2022


A 32-year-old female inmate will forever rue the moment she mistakenly murdered her drunk husband during an altercation at home.

Nomzamo Dube, a mother of two minors, regrets the incident which led to her husband’s death and is desperate to talk to the husband’s relatives, to ask for forgiveness.

She made the revelations during the ongoing peace education programme being carried out by the Zimbabwe Prisons and Correctional Service.

She told H-Metro how she killed her husband before she was sentenced to 25 years for the murder.

“It was on a Friday afternoon, my husband was drinking with his friends at home and at around 4pm, he said he was going to buy more beers and I stayed behind preparing supper,” said Dube.

“He called me around 6pm saying he was coming, he had been delayed by a long lost friend he had met at the shops.

“I obliged and waited for him but there was no sign of him before I went to sleep.

“Around midnight my daughter woke me up saying daddy was knocking on the window.

“I checked to confirm and told her to open the door for him, she couldn’t open the door so I went to open the door.”

She added: “Immediately, when I opened the door, he started hitting me with clenched fists, I asked what was the problem, he did not tell me, even up until now I don’t know why he was beating me.

“As I was trying to flee from him I tripped and fell and he started kicking me.

“I grabbed a knife, I just wanted to scare him away but he tripped and fell on top of me and got stabbed on the heart.

“I did not know that if a person is drunk they bleed a lot so, instead of closing the wound, I poured water while calling for help.

“I collapsed only to wake up in a police van and I was advised that my husband was dead.”

She said she is worried about her children and how they are going to survive as her relatives have been dying.

“I am mostly worried about my children, I don’t know how they are surviving, my relatives are dying while I am here, so I fear they will be left with no one to take care of them,” said Dube.

“I am hopeful that I will get out of this place alive so that I will be able to go to my husband’s relatives and ask for forgiveness.

“I hope they will forgive me.” H Metro


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