Tuesday 22 March 2022


SERIAL fraudster Henessy Dube has been sentenced to six months imprisonment, wholly suspended on condition he performs 210 hours of community service at the Western Commonage Magistrates’ Court.

Dube (40) of Entumbane allegedly masqueraded as a top Central Intelligence Organisation (CIO) officer and close protection for President Mnangagwa before duping Ingwebu Breweries of 375 litres of fuel and $1 200.

He was alleged to have met Ingwebu Breweries managing director Mr Dumisani Mhlanga and allegedly produced a fake CIO identity card before identifying himself as a director of operations in the CIO.

He then offered to assist the company recover money from its debtors purportedly using his influence by virtue of being in the President’s Office.

Dube was, however, acquitted of impersonating a public officer and convicted for theft, fraud and making a false statement to deceive a registration officer in violation of Section 10 (1) (b) of the National Registration Act by

Bulawayo magistrate Mr Shepherd Mjanja.

In acquitting Dube of the charge of masquerading as a CIO officer, Mr Mjanja said no tangible evidence was presented before the court by the President’s Department disowning him.

On the second count of fraud, Dube was fined $14 000 or 13 months in jail. He was given up to April 8, 2022, to pay the money.

On the third count of violation of Section 10 (1) (b) of the National Registration Act, Dube was sentenced to 18 months imprisonment, of which four months were suspended for three years on condition that he does not commit a similar offence within this period.

A further four months were suspended on condition that Dube restituted $19 524,24 through the clerk of court by April 8, 2022.

The remaining 10 months were suspended on condition that he performs 350 hours of community service.

Prosecuting, Mr Milton Moyo said sometime at the beginning of May 2019 during the Zimbabwe International Trade Fair, Dube hatched a plan and went to Ingwebu Breweries head office in Bulawayo intending to see management.

During that time, Ingwebu Breweries was facing operational challenges, some of which emanated from a failure by its debtors to honour their commitments.

“The accused person approached the company’s managing director Dumisani Mhlanga and introduced himself as the director of operations at the CIO based in Harare.

He told Mhlanga that he was in Bulawayo as part of a team of President Mnangagwa’s close security aides during the ZITF period,” Mr Moyo said.

He said Dube produced a fake CIO identity card bearing the names Majaha Julian Dube.

“The accused person indicated to the Ingwebu Breweries managing director that he had picked information pertaining to the ill-treatment of workers and war veterans by management, including the impending retrenchment of workers,” said Mr Moyo.

The court heard that Dube told Mr Mhlanga that the President was not amused and due to his misrepresentation, Mr Mhlanga was convinced and he briefed Dube on the goings on at the company, with the accused person promising to render assistance.

A few days later, Dube returned to Ingwebu Breweries and offered to use his authority to pressurise the company’s debtors, which included companies contracted on beerhall franchise, to pay their debts and management agreed.

Some debtors reportedly paid up after Dube’s intervention.

Mr Moyo said Dube further pressurised management at Ingwebu Breweries to employ his friends under the guise that they were students on attachment from the CIO.

Their contracts were signed by management and they were given tasks to spy within the company’s various departments.

It was later established that the accused person was not employed by the CIO and due to his misrepresentation, Dube benefited in the form of 375 litres of fuel allocation and $1 200 among other undisclosed benefits.

It also emerged in court that on December 7, 2012, Dube acquired a national identity card under the names Henessy Dube NR 08-682325-J-53 bearing his portrait.

On June 3, 2017, Dube allegedly took another identity card NR 08-719040-R-53 with his picture, but under the names Majaha Julian Dube.

“Checks with Registrar-General’s Office showed that the names Majaha Julian Dube and all the particulars, including the portrait belonged to his brother who is now based in South Africa and suspected to have acquired citizenship of that country,” said Mr Moyo.

He said armed with his brother’s identity card and his academic certificates, Dube applied for a teaching post in the Ministry of Primary and Secondary Education.

He was subsequently employed as a teacher and deployed in Tsholotsho in Matabeleland North under EC Number 5710690W.

He, however, unceremoniously breached the contract and absconded. Chronicle


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