Tuesday 1 March 2022


A sick thief who stole cash, clothes and electrical gadgets two years ago handed himself to the police after a prophet told him the owner of the stolen items cursed him with death.

Earnmore Thobela (25) who is from Binga secured a job near Last Tshuma’s workplace in 2020 in Filabusi but he had no place to stay.

Tshuma offered him a place.

Sometime in 2020 Tshuma left Thobela at the house and went to his work place.

Thobela stole US$130, two blankets, two black jeans, and a pair of shoes, an Itel cell phone and a speaker. He then disappeared with the loot; the court heard.

Thobela fell seriously ill in December last year. He then consulted a prophet who revealed to him that the owner of the stolen items was angry and cursed him with death.

Fearing death Thobela summoned courage and handed himself to the police in Filabusi and was arrested.

He appeared before Filabusi magistrate Abednico Diliza Ndebele facing a theft charge. He pleaded guilty. The magistrate slapped him with 18 months imprisonment.  However, six months were suspended because the magistrate noted that Thobela was a first-time offender and did not waste the court’s time.

The magistrate further suspended another six months on condition that he restitutes the owner of his stolen items.

Thobela will effectively serve six months behind bars. B Metro


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