Thursday 10 March 2022


Ratidzo Zimcare head, Everjoice Runesu who is in the eye of a storm after opening an unapproved boarding facility for mentally challenged children at Ratidzo in Mucheke, Masvingo has been transferred to Mutare.

Efforts to get a comment from Masvingo acting Provincial Education Director (PED), Shylatte Mhike were futile as her phone went unanswered.

Masvingo District Schools Inspector, Ishmael Chigaba however, said Runesu applied for a transfer from Ratidzo but he was not sure whether this was granted since this is the prerogative of the PED.

Runesu however, confirmed that she is now the head at Chengetai Special School in Mutare. She said that she is still in charge at Ratidzo and the new head answers to her. She said issues to do with Ratidzo must be referred to her.

She said she applied for a transfer to Mutare to follow her husband who works for a power company and was recently moved from Masvingo to Mutare.

The emotionally charged Runesu accused Roman Catholic nuns who run Alfred Walter Hostels which houses Ratidzo children of squandering Government and donor funds. She said she started boarding facilities at Ratidzo in order to take away children from Alfred Walter Hostels to her hostels so that donor and Government money could come to Ratidzo.

She said Roman Catholic nuns cannot be trusted with children since they don’t have their own.

“Iye sister ari kuchengeta vana ivavo akambozvara here, ane mastitch? Angagona kuchengeta vana vevamwe vanhu iye akaramba kuita vake? (Do the sisters looking after your children have children of their own, do they have stitches on their tummies? How can somebody who refused to bear babies look after other people’s children? These Roman Catholics are not good,” said Runesu in a telephone conversation.

 Runesu moved 19 kids from Alfred Walter Hostels early this year and turned a classroom block into a boarding hostel.

Her move was however, contrary to the Ministry of Primary and Secondary Education memo which instructed her not to start a boarding school until proper buildings specially designed for that purpose are constructed.

Mhike however, supported the opening of the boarding school despite the Ministry’s order. Masvingo Mirror


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