Thursday 3 February 2022


TWO wards at Parirenyatwa Group of Hospitals were flooded after thieves stole flush masters on Monday, affecting patients.

Water leaked from the second floor affecting patients in Wards B4 and B5.

Parirenyatwa Group of Hospitals public relations officer, Linos Dhire, confirmed the incident saying thieves broke in and stole flush masters in Ward B4, leading to the leakage.

“We did not have council water at the weekend and thieves took advantage of that to steal flush masters in Ward B4 toilets,” said Dhire.

“The water then got restored around 6pm on Monday and it came with a lot of                                           pressure.

“The theft was reported to the loss control department after staff observed water flowing in Ward B4 corridors.

“Our engineering department swiftly reacted and stopped the water while at the same time working to replace the flush masters.

“Everything is under control,” he said.

One of the patients admitted in Ward B4 called H-Metro saying they were forced to use their blankets to try and block the leakages while waiting for plumbers to attend to the problem.

“There is a burst pipe on the second floor and we are in danger,” said the patient.

“We are using our blankets to block leakage and we do not know if we will be provided with other blankets.

“We do not know what to  do.” H Metro


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