Wednesday 23 February 2022


A 13-year-old teenager from Filabusi drowned in a dam while fishing with his 12-year-old friend.

Matabeleland South provincial police spokesperson, Inspector Loveness Mangena confirmed the incident which occurred at Mabundla Dam in Avoca.

She said the teenager, Brian Ncube, who is from Avoca, drowned while trying to free his fishing rod which had been entangled by weeds.

“I can confirm that we recorded a case of sudden death by drowning which occurred in Avoca area in Filabusi involving a 13-year-old teenager. The teenager was fishing at Mabundla Dam with his friend aged 12 when his fishing rod got entangled in weeds.

“The teenager then got into the water in a bid to free his fishing rod and in the process drowned. His friend tried to save him but failed. The boy rushed home to inform the elders and the matter was reported to the police who attended the scene and retrieved the body,” she said.

Insp Mangena urged members of the public to be careful around water sources especially during the rainy season as that was when they recorded an increase in cases of drowning.

She appealed to guardians to ensure that they did not send children to carry out errands near water sources unattended.

“We are now in rainy season and it’s during this time that we record an increase in cases of drowning. We urge people to be careful when around water sources. They shouldn’t attempt to cross flooded rivers but they should rather wait for the water to subside and until is safe to get across.

“Guardians should also desist from sending young children on errands that might endanger their lives unattended such as fishing or collecting water. When children are going to school during the rainy season and they have to get across rivers parents should ensure that they accompany them to ensure their safety,” she said. Chronicle


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