Monday 28 February 2022


A GLEN Norah 1 High School teacher has resigned in shame after his love affair with a Form 4 pupil was exposed.

Gladwin Parawira was a science teacher at the school. The Form 4 girl was caught texting the teacher, which exposed the whole affair.

Parawira denied the accusations. “I never had an affair with that girl,” he said. “I admit that we used to flirt and it is very unfortunate that the messages were caught after I stopped flirting with her.

“I immediately stopped talking to this girl when I heard that she was telling some of the students that we were dating.

“She began stalking me on Facebook, asking me who is who on my posts, but I ignored her since I knew she was troubled.”

He also said he decided to resign because the messages were too explicit and it was against the law.

“I decided to resign from my job because the messages were nasty, and according to the law, I must not even say goodnight to a student, what more of the messages I sent her?

“So, I just decided to resign.”

The school’s headmaster could not be drawn into commenting on the issue.

“I cannot comment on the issue now but you can book an appointment,” he said. H Metro


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