Wednesday 9 February 2022


THE Zimre Park woman, who made headlines for halting her husband’s wedding to another woman, now faces the grim possibility of losing her house.

On Saturday, Sheron Chitowa invaded a local hotel where her husband Everisto Mukura was about to tie the knot with Anne Ntini Dube.

She was in the company of her two minor children, and their birth certificates, which she tendered to the presiding marriage officer, Reverend Shirichena, as proof of her customary marriage to Ever.

Chitowa’s family representative, Mavis Masaru told H-Metro Everisto, who is widely known as Ever, was threatening to force Sheron and her two children out of their Zimre Park house.

“Sheron is regretting her actions and has no peace after disturbing her husband’s wedding,” said Masaru.

“Kutaura kuno Sheron arikungochema avekunetseka nekuti murume wake akati avekuda kutengesa imba vana haachina basa navo.

“When the marriage officer asked if there was anyone with a lawful impediment, she stood up to seek guidance.

“We heard that Marriage Acts have been reviewed and wives under customary marriage are being considered and that was what she wanted to be addressed.

“Does the law apply to both the rich and the poor?”

Sheron told H-Metro that her intention was not to stop the wedding but to seek guidance considering Ever was with her husband a day before the wedding.

“I was surprised to hear that my husband had arranged a wedding with another woman,” said Sheron.

“He spent the day with me shopping for uniforms for our children and he wanted to pay school fees later. He never mentioned that he wanted to tie the knot with another woman and that disturbed me a lot.

“I suffered and endured for my marriage to be where it is today. Mukura would demand his conjugal rights during my menstrual periods, threatening to force me out of the house if I denied him.

“Anoroora vakadzi vaanodanana navo izvezvi akabva mukubvisira umwe US$15 000 gore rapera; zvino uyu ndiye adiwa zvekuda kuchatwa naye?

“Mutemo wemarriage unobvumira here?” said Sheron. H Metro


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