Friday 18 February 2022


A BULAWAYO woman has launched a “no voter registration slip, no sex campaign” targeting women so that they encourage their spouses to register.

Cora Ndebele (39) from Pumula South high-density suburb said her campaign was motivated by the low numbers of registered people in Bulawayo and Matabeleland region in general.

The region is at risk of losing some constituencies in the delimitation exercise set for later this year if the number of registered people does not increase.

In an interview with online news agency, CITE, Ndebele said women had to take decisive action and urge their spouses, children, helpers and tenants to register.

“One converted member in a household should convince the whole family and community to register for better. Women have to take a lead and make things happen for their homes and household. Change starts at the home, so as mothers we must make sure we are registered then turn attention to our partners, children, domestic helpers and everyone in the household above 18 years,” she said.

There has been a low response to the ongoing voter registration blitz.

“This is why we must take the campaign to the household level, say no to non-registered citizens in our homes. Those informed at the household level should take a lead and women are encouraged to be on the forefront of this campaign,” she said.

“We women are the ones who bear the burden of suffering of all kinds yet as women we also make things happen at our homes. We turn a house into a home in the same vein, let’s encourage all our family members to be responsible and register and appear on the voters roll.”

Ndebele added that if the situation remained unchanged, women could withhold certain privileges to their partners.

“Your ‘hubby’ that we love so much, should register. If not, no to sex until he is registered. He must show you his registration slip to show that he is registered.

“Even our boyfriends; you can’t be in love with an irresponsible citizen. No hugs, kisses and everything until he is registered. Our tenants should be registered, if not give them notice or they show you their registration slip to prove he or she is a responsible citizen.”

Matabeleland region, especially Bulawayo which has the least number of registered voters compared to other provinces as of 2018 polls, is at the highest risk of losing at least a constituency when the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission conducts the delimitation exercise.— CITE


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