Wednesday 2 February 2022


Chief Chirumanzu has accused illegal miners in his area of tampering with graves and other sacred places, and implored police to intervene.

Speaking at a meeting convened at his home, he also called on the Ministry of Mines and Mining Development to help clamp down on illegal mining which had become rampant in the area.

The chief said the miners, most panning for gold, were also working along river beds, which was causing siltation and soil erosion.

“The Ministry of Mines should work hand in hand with me as the custodian of the land because people are now mining in sacred areas,” he said.

“They are mining in areas with graves of our late fathers and near rivers polluting the water that we drink. It is disturbing that I have no say over that because they will be saying that they would been given the claims by the Ministry of Mines.”

Chief Chirumhanzu said all mining activities in the area should only be approved after consulting him, and priority for the exploitation of local minerals should be given to residents of his chiefdom. – New Ziana


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