Friday 11 February 2022


A CHEEKY Rusape man who seems to have an unbridled lust for intimacy was last week dragged to Chief Makoni’s court for having a sexual relationship with his son’s wife.

It is alleged that the man, Isaac Marova of Masvosva Village, was intimate with his son’s wife on several occasions before the affair was recently exposed.

The erotic relationship was kept under wraps for a long time as the two lovebirds had secured secret cellphone lines for communication.

However, the woman — whose identity was not revealed in court — was not discreet enough as her husband Bartholomew Marova stumbled upon some romantic messages she had sent and received from his father.

This led to the separation of Bartholomew and his wife.

Narrating his case before the court recently, Bartholomew said he got the shock of his life when he discovered that he was sharing his wife with his father.

He said his father was the last person he expected to bed his wife.

“I started suspecting that my wife was up to something because I would come across deleted messages in her phone. She was using a number I didn’t know and again texting a number that I didn’t know that time. I later saw some romantic messages in my wife’s phone from the same number.

“I later discovered that the other number was my father’s. I confronted him, but he flatly denied dating my wife,” said Bartholomew.

During the court hearing, Isaac vehemently denied dating his daughter-in-law and refuted ever communicating with her through the phone.

Chief Makoni ordered the parties to retrieve their phone records from the local network service provider.

“It is not true that I dated my son’s wife. I don’t know where he is getting all these lies from. I don’t have a problem going to Econet for evidence because I didn’t do it,” declared Isaac.

However, when Marova’s phone records were presented before the court, it showed that between October 2021 to January 2022, he was texting and calling his daughter-in-law daily.

He later admitted dating her.

“I have nothing to say. I am sorry for what happened,” said Marova when the phone records were presented before the court.

Chief Makoni had no kind words for him, saying he had committed an abomination.

He was fined five cattle, of which three will go to his son and two to the chief’s court. Manica Post


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