Monday 14 February 2022


 THERE was drama in court over the weekend when a suspected fraudster collapsed after he was remanded in custody to today for bail consideration.

The suspect, Jonathan Chirawo, who has been on the run since last year, collapsed after Harare magistrate, Yeukai Dzuda, advised she would entertain his bail application today because of time constraints.

He was taken outside court for attention from the Prisons and Correctional Service officers. The complainant is Musorowegomo Mukosi, who is a journalist, farmer and miner who stays in Marondera.

Chirawo is an approved prospector, whose operations are regulated by the Mines and Minerals Act, and he assists miners in identifying and pegging open spaces and registration of blocks.

Allegations are that in January last year Mukosi was looking for someone to assist him to register three blocks of mines in Ossining.

He went to the Manicaland Mines office where he approached Chirawo who offered his services.

It is alleged that in May 2021, the two met at Chirawo’s offices and he confirmed he was a registered prospector and demanded US$300 per block and a deposit of US$100 was made.

The duo agreed the balance would be settled when the certificate of registration was issued. The court heard that when Chirawo visited the blocks, he further demanded US$1 500, alleging that it was for the purpose of registering the blocks with the Ministry.

It is alleged Chirawo sent Tinashe Namani, his co accused, who has already appeared in court on the same charge, to collect the US$1 500 from Mukosi. Mukosi handed over the money.

Chirawo then called Mukosi and advised him that the certificate of registration would be out in a few days.

However, he soon became evasive and Mukosi went to the Mines Officer where he was told Chirawo had not paid any money. H Metro


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