Tuesday 8 February 2022


TWO brothers are in a bitter fight over a house left behind by their mother.

One of them even claims the other brother faked his death to try and sell the property.

Tatenda Makunungunu has approached the Harare Civil Court seeking a protection order against his brother Ngonidzashe Manhambo.

He claims Manhambo is abusing him over the house. But, Manhambo is singing a different tune.

“He is the one who brings people home and I have nothing to do with the vandalised property. I actually want to live in peace with him.

“I love him because he is my little brother and I want to maintain peace with him at all times.”

The two share the same mother, but they have different fathers.

The house was owned by their late mother. “Ngonidzashe sends people to beat me up and he wants to take the house papers from me so that he can sell it,” said Makunungunu.

“He steals my property and sells it and the other time he burned my property that was in my room.

“At one time he faked my death in a quest to sell the house and I have the fake death certificate.

“He sends girls to my house so as to frame and accuse me of raping them.”

Magistrate Sharon Mashavire said Makunungunu did not bring enough evidence to support his claims and his prayer was not granted. H Metro


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