Thursday 27 January 2022


 SENZO MALINGA is calmness personified — few men would react like a sheep about to be slaughtered if they walk into their own bedroom to find their wife in the throes of pleasure with a man mountain while his baby watches from her bed.

The Zimbabwean man — yes, he is said to be from Nkayi — left many, who watched the video of him interrogating his wife and the naked stranger in his bed, shocked after he reacted with reason and calmness after busting his lawfully-wedded wife, Princess Ntombi Dube, in the act with another man, Foreman Mpofu, as his baby watched.

Dube is believed to be from Gwanda.  But, being calm does not mean Malinga was not enraged or crying inside. His cries were visible for all to see as he begged to understand why his wife had cheated on him. He was crying for the lobola cattle he wasted on an ungrateful adulterous wife.

“I feel pity for my child, such a young child and his mother is already sleeping with other men. There is nothing that I don’t do for this woman, I work hard to feed all my children. I am not fighting with you; I will never fight with you.

“Do you have a wife; you have destroyed my marriage. I want you to compensate me, you will pay me and if you don’t, I will go get my cattle from her parents by force. Did you see the video of a man who was shooting his lobola cattle? I can do the same.

I can use a gun as well, but I don’t want violence in my house. I married her well, I gave her parents all they wanted,” Malinga says to a naked Mpofu, who is using his hands to hide his essentials.  Mpofu offered to compensate Malinga for sleeping with his wife.

In the video, Malinga also reveals that he discovered that his wife had been married before after he had already married her. She has a child from her previous marriage.

“She had another husband, if I knew I was not going to marry her. But she was a good woman, but if you are going to marry her, she will do the same to you. You were on top of her right now and you had no condom, she has been taking pregnancy preventing pills in order to sleep with you,” said Malinga.

He also accuses his wife of trying to use juju to cast a spell on him so that he does whatever she wants.  “I heard her talking with her friend, she thinks I don’t know,” said Malinga. B Metro


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