Tuesday 25 January 2022


A 55-year-old man from Avoca Farm in Bindura who drowned last Wednesday while crossing the flooded Mazowe River was found four days later without his neck, head and private parts.

Muzondiwa Jekemu reportedly crossed from Avoca to Matemba area to drink beer with his friends at around 6pm.

A witness, Mr Chapasura Mapepa, said Jekemu returned later that night but upon arrival at the river he found the canoe he had used before missing. He was also carrying a goat’s head that he had been given by friends.

“He met people who were panning for gold by the river and inquired about the canoe. He insisted that he was going home regardless and took off his overalls and gumboots,” said Mr Mapepa.

“He tied the goat’s head to his trouser and swam. The gold panners who were watching said he managed to cross to the river bank but dropped the goat head in the water.

“He returned into the water to get his meat and we saw him being swept away. The following day his family started looking for him and a search started.”

He was found on Sunday seven kilometres away from where he drowned.

“The search party could not reach where his body was and we travelled for 20 kilometres around the river to retrieve the body. I was among the people who retrieved the body and his neck, head and private parts were missing,” said Mapepa.

“One of his thighs was severed and we suspected that he was attacked by a crocodile. We are waiting for police investigations and burial.”

Mashonaland Central police was not available for comment. Herald


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