Monday 17 January 2022


Marvelous on the left

 A HARARE man allegedly used his wife’s savings to try and pay lobola for their family friend.

The ceremony, though, was abandoned after the wife arrived and disrupted the proceedings.

An H-Metro news crew witnessed the drama, which took place in Sunningdale on Saturday afternoon, when Marvelous Marufu stormed into a lobola function.

Her husband, Albert Mhondoro, was in the process of marrying a family friend, Ratidzo Mawire.

Apparently, Mhondoro and Mawire, are said to be workmates at a company that distributes beauty products.

Marufu claims her husband used some of her money to marry the family friend Mawire.

“I just want my money, that’s all, he left me with three kids. These people here are accepting lobola for the third time, from different men, for Mawire.

“This is my husband who is paying lobola with my money for this Judas woman. I want what’s mine and we had a white wedding. Why is he marrying another woman?

“We have been friends. We went to places like Kariba together and she would come with her kids to my home.

“I baked cakes with her and now she has snatched my husband away from me,” shouted Marufu, at the lobola ceremony.

Marufu claimed her husband owes her US$2000. which he used in paying lobola, and they still have a valid marriage, which forbids her husband from marrying another woman until all divorce procedures are complete.

Mhondoro said he was free to marry anyone.

“I’m free to be with whoever I want to be with. This woman is just bitter; I left her with a house in Westlea and we have been separated for over a year.

“Her sister is the one who owes me about US$4000. I don’t know why she can’t move on,” he said.

Marufu claims that after their wedding, Nyamuchengwa sent her husband some presents, which included a sheet, and their problems in marriage started.

“Five months after our wedding, I discovered that Nyamuchengwa sent my husband some presents, a sheet and, from thereon, I started having problems in my marriage.

“Mhondoro moved out of our Westlea home and I then discovered he had gone to the village to introduce Nyamuchengwa,” she explained.

Late last year, Marufu sued Nyamuchengwa at the High Court for adultery.

She demanded to be paid US$50 000 in damages for the humiliation she had suffered within the community when her husband moved out of their home.

Marufu and Mhondoro upgraded their customary law union into a civil marriage on 19 March 2018 and celebrations were held on 7 April 2018.

Nyamuchengwa also attended the wedding and bought gifts for the couple.

Mhondoro later confirmed to H-Metro that the lobola ceremony was cancelled saying he will go ahead with the ceremony later this year. H Metro


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