Wednesday 19 January 2022


Zimbabwe can now export fruits to China after the two countries signed the citrus phytosanitary protocol, in a development expected to broaden export destinations for the fruits and remove over reliance on South Africa and the European market.

The phytosanitary protocol requires that a cold chain system for the export of fresh citrus fruits to China be put in place like any other country including the European Union (EU) for the management of False Codling Moth and other pests.

This cold chain is required to begin at the port as opposed to the initial requirement for cooling to begin on the farm.

China was represented by the General Administration of Customs of China, Minister Ni Yuefeng while Zimbabwe was represented by Lands, Agriculture, Fisheries, Water and Rural Development Anxious Masuka.

Varieties of fresh citrus to be exported to China from Zimbabwe include sweet orange (Citrus sinensis), mandarin orange (Citrus reticulata), grapefruit (Citrus paradisi), lemon (Citrus limon and Citrus aurantifolia) and sour orange (Citrus aurantium).

Acting chief director for Department of Research and Specialist Services Dr Dumisani Kutywayo confirmed the developments.

“The General Administration of Customs of the Peoples’ Republic of China signed first and we followed suit.

“We are now educating stakeholders on the requirements to export fresh fruits to China. Local stakeholders from the citrus industry have accepted the favourable terms,” he said.

In a post on micro-blogging site, Twitter, the Chinese embassy in Harare said: “The sweet & juicy Zimbabwean citrus will join the Chinese market as the citrus export protocol have just been signed. We are implementing President Xi’s pledge that China will open a green channel for the export of African agricultural products. It’ll benefit more Zimbabwean farmers.”

The finalisation of the protocol will provide an impetus towards the conclusion of partnerships and out grower arrangements with Chinese companies that are eager to export the products to China.

The signing of the trade protocol will also cement trade relations between the two nations and will open the door for other products some that we were not exporting hence will lead to an increase in agriculture contribution to the export basket.

China imports the grade b and c citrus as well and this will help Zimbabwe export those grades that are deemed inferior by traditional markets.

The request for the citrus fruits export protocol between Zimbabwe and China started 2015 when Zimbabwe was seeking a market for Shashi Citrus smallholder farmers. Herald


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