Friday 21 January 2022


A CHITUNGWIZA woman is assisting police with investigations, while her brother has vanished after the former’s son (12), whom they had bashed for being initiated into a Nyau cult, was found dead on Wednesday morning.

Greta Yeukai Mutero and her brother Ocean “Madzibaba” Mutero are alleged to have beaten up Desmond Matsatse for performing Gule WaMkulu (zvigure) rituals.

It could not be established whether the child died from the beating or he took rat poison, which was found in his bedroom.

Hell broke loose on Tuesday when the boy’s mother and her brother learnt that he had reportedly gone for Gule WaMkulu rituals where he was made to eat raw meat and beaten up as part of his Initiation ceremony.

The pair took turns to beat him. When H-Metro visited the scene, the boy’s corpse was still in the house.

There were scores of people who were milling outside the house. The mother was later brought in handcuffs crying about why she had kept rat poison in the house.

“I was only beating him as a mother disciplining her son, he woke me up in the morning,” she said.

“I left him here alive, I didn’t know I was coming back to see my son dead.”

The deceased’s grandfather, who was only identified as Sekuru Mahwani, said the family was shocked when it heard the boy was dead.

“Honestly, we are all shocked because we are not really sure as to what killed him,” he said.

“Last night, Desmond was beaten by his mother because she had heard that he had joined zvinyawu; that is what a mother does when disciplining her child.

“The way she was beating him was not meant to kill him, even the way his uncle was beating him, was not meant to kill him.

“We really cannot tell what really caused his death.

“He actually woke up this morning; he even woke up his mother, telling her that she should get ready for work, and gave her the shoes she actually went to work  wearing.”

Sekuru Mahwani then narrated how they found out that the schoolboy was dead.

“When his mother left for work, around 5am, he then went back to sleep. His sister then went to wake him up because she wanted to clean.

“That’s when she noticed that he was not responding.

“She then called me and when I entered the room I noticed that there was vomit on his bedside.”

Sekuru Mahwani said he did not believe the death was caused by the beating which the schoolboy received the previous day.

“What is still shocking to me is the vomit that we saw on his bedside.

“His mother has rat poison in that house and I believe he drank it, that is the only way we can explain the vomit,” he said. H Metro




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