Friday 24 December 2021


A CHIKANGA man is accusing his wife of six years of deserting him due to poverty at a time when he had just been diagnosed with a disease that warrants him to go under the knife.

As part of his defence as he tried to evade paying maintenance, Tendai Bishau told the court that his marriage with Shorai Makuyana was blissful until his health deteriorated.

“I am due for a surgical operation and I cannot spare any money right now. I am trying to raise money for that surgery which is the reason why she left me. I am poor and cannot look after her and the kids.

“Your Worship, she left me when I needed her most. This is the time when she should be by my side and helping me to provide for the children. She should also be helping me to raise money for the operation,” he said.

Bishau begged the court to excuse him from paying maintenance for the time being, stating that he has two other minor children who also depend on him.

“I have since re-married as I need someone to look after me. My health is deteriorating and l need attention, but Makuyana does not understand this. All she cares about is money. When she realised that I could not provide for her anymore, she just left,” he said.

However, his excuse did not convince presiding magistrate, Ms Purity Gumbo, who told him that his children should be a top priority in his life.’

He then made an offer to pay $7 000 every month towards his children’s upkeep.

Makuyana agreed to the amount and the court ruled that Bishau should pay the $7 000 every month for the upkeep of his two children until they turn 18 years old or become self-sufficient.

In her application, Makuyana had begged for $20 000 for the two children’s upkeep.

Makuyana told the court that she is a vegetable vendor who contributes at least US$40 monthly towards the upkeep of her children.

She vehemently denied that she left Bishau because of his poverty.

“I am not concerned with his financial status. I am hearing of his poverty for the first time in this court. I left him because he was neglecting his family and would depend on me to look after myself, him and the children. All I need is for him to take part in looking after the children and not make all these excuses that he is making today,” she said. Manica Post



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