Thursday 16 December 2021


 A woman, who claimed that she and her family have been having sleepless nights because of evil spirits, told the courts that she planted dagga in her yard to keep away evil spirits.

Sithulisiwe Ncube (54) appeared for trial before Western Commonage magistrate Shepherd Mjanja and said she and her family nearly deserted their home as evil spirits banged on doors during the night, disturbing their sleep.

She told court that her home was no longer habitable until a relative advised them to seek help from a local traditional healer who told them to plant dagga in the yard so as to shut out the troublesome evil spirits that were tormenting them.

She said she heeded the advice and her family heaved a sigh of relief because the tormenting evil spirits had since been driven away.

“We heaved a sigh of relief because those things which were banging on the doors soon deserted and I had to plant dagga in all four corners of the yard,” she told court.

She pleaded guilty to the charge.

She was remanded out of custody to next week on Monday. B Metro


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