Thursday 9 December 2021


A nineteen-year-old boy in Masvingo has appeared in court after he locked himself in a toilet with a minor (13) for 30 minutes while they had intimate moments.

The minor told Magistrate Grace Tupiri that Robert Chigare convinced her that the way to show her love to him was to allow Chigare to fondle her breasts and buttocks and the available venue was the girl’s family toilet.

Chigare was charged with indecent assault on the 13-year-old Christian High School pupil.

The Mirror heard that in the evening of April 25 2021, Chigare went to the girl’s place in Runyararo West and told her that she could only maintain her relationship with him if she allowed him to fondle her.

Chigare then went into the toilet to check if anyone was in and after seeing that the coast was clear, he invited the girl and the two remained glued to each other for the next 30 minutes as the boy kissed, caressed and even touched the girl’s private part.

All hell broke loose when the landlady Mildred Kasariro arrived and was informed by curious children who were peeping through the door that there was a pair in the toilet.

Kasariro tried to open the door and Chigare bolted and fled away. Kasariro informed the minor’s mother who reported the case at Chikato Police Station in Mucheke.

Magistrate Tupiri found Chigare guilty as charged and sentenced him to an effective eight months in jail.

Chigare initially pleaded not guilty but changed his statement after the girl spilt the beans in court.

“I did not touch her, I found her in the toilet when I went to relieve myself. She had actually invited me over since I had not gone to collect her from school,” said Chigare.

Tanaka Mandebvu prosecuted the case. Masvingo Mirror


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