Tuesday 7 December 2021


Prophet Tapiwa Freddy who is facing rape charges was back in court yesterday where his trial date was set for January 6.

Freddy appeared before Harare magistrate Dennis Mangosi. He initially appeared in court last month and was released on free bail. The complainant is a radio presenter and producer.

The court heard that the two are former lovers and had known each other since the days Freddy had some music projects with the complainant at her workplace.

It is alleged that in November 2019, the complainant’s husband got sick and she approached Freddy for financial assistance.

Freddy gave the complainant $2 500 for free in order for her to foot her husband’s medical expenses.

The complainant accompanied her husband to Karanda Hospital for treatment where he subsequently passed away.

Freddy assisted the complainant by meeting transport expenses for the transportation of the deceased husband from Karanda hospital to Harare.

It is reported that after about three months, Freddy proposed love to the complainant but the complainant refused because her tradition could not allow her to indulge in other love affairs before the cleansing of the death of her husband.

The State further alleged that in November 2020 at an unknown date, the two went to the complainant’s rural home in Chiyendambuya to see the complainant’s child.

That same day at around 7:30pm, the two returned to Harare at the complainant’s house where Freddy went straight to her bed and he stood and faced her the complainant that he was now her husband.

The complainant denied the offer, the court heard.

Despite the complainant’s refusal Freddy allegedly went on to remove his belt, shirt and pair of trousers, taking advantage of the complainant’s amputated left hand, and forcefully placed the complainant on the bed.

He then undressed the complainant and raped her.

The complainant cried for help but no one heard her because of the distance between her bedroom and that of the next person.

After raping her, Freddy reportedly asked the complainant to consider him as her husband from that time on.

He also promised to look after the complainant’s child but she denied the offers before threatening her with his spiritual powers citing that the complainant’s God is not the same he believes in and he left.

It is alleged that the following morning the complainant informed her uncle Murambiwa Witness Bungu about the ordeal.

Her uncle advised her to report the matter to the police but she did not, fearing for her reputation and the threats from the Freddy.

The State further alleged that since the tape incident, Freddy would go to complainant’s house and have sexual intercourse with her only during her menstrual periods and each time she would notice some bleeding cuts on her thighs.

The court heard that in July 2021 visited the complainant again tried to have sexual intercourse with the complainant but the complainant discovered that the accused’s penis had a sore and she denied to sleep with him.

Freddy returned the following day and forced the complainant to have sexual intercourse with him with a sore on his penis, the court heard.

It is alleged that Freddy would force the complainant to play his songs more often than other artists and would also deny her association with her work mates, friends and other people and would also insult the complainant at her workplace and disturb her from her duties.

Anesu Chirenje appeared for the State while Everson Chatambudza and Malvin Mapako appeared on behalf of Freddy. H Metro


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