Monday 20 December 2021


Boxer Charles Manyuchi is reportedly neglecting his wife and two children.

The WBC Silver Welterweight title holder’s marriage of nine years is, as a result, teetering on the brink of collapse.

Sources also allege that Manyuchi is no longer staying at his matrimonial home and is now coming to his house as a visitor.

The issue reportedly now in the public domain in Chivhu.

Contacted for comment, Manyuchi’s wife Rutendo Hove refused to dwell much on the case and referred all questions to Manyuchi.

“Who gave you the details? I am not the right person to comment regarding that issue. Can you get in touch with Manyuchi? Although we have some issues it’s not easy for me to comment over it.

“Ask the sources who gave you the details?” she said.

The woman at the centre of the storm, identified as Chibaya, said when she became a manager Manyuchi and his wife were already having some problems.

“When I came in as his manager their relationship was already in bad taste, not kuti kuuya kwangu caused all that.

“She was feeling the pain trying to mend their marriage but she is trying to soil everyone’s reputation.

“She wants to tarnish my reputation since he (Manyuchi) now has a female manager; I just don’t know. I don’t know why they are doing that. Thanks for contacting me,” she said.

Manyuchi was evasive to give his side of the story but rather demanded to know the source.

“If you have proof of everything you are saying go ahead baba. Send me the contacts and I see if they are the same with people you are saying gave you the story,” he said. Another source is alleging that the boxer squanders all his money willy-nilly.

“Their child has since been withdrawn from a private school and now enrolled at a public school for failure to pay fees.

“Between 2015 and 2016 it is alleged that Manyuchi beat Rutendo and she was ill for about five months as a result.

“It seems as if the wife fears to report Manyuchi. She is a victim of abuse but she keeps silent.

“There is need for relevant organisations to look into the matter as she is suffering silently.

“It is an open secret in Chivhu that Manyuchi ditched his wife,” said the source.

Further allegations are that, Rutendo has been greatly affected. “She is emotionally affected as she feels Manyuchi will sell the house where she is staying since another house was sold without her consent,” added the source.

“We are aware that he was given some money by the President and if the wife asks for money to take care of the family he says he doesn’t have.

“His wife always complains about the way he is treating them, added the source. H Metro


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