Tuesday 21 December 2021


A syndicate of robbers has resurfaced on major highways leading from Beitbridge to Bulawayo and Harare, where they are using spikes and also pouncing on motorists who would have had breakdowns.

It is reported that the gang patrols the highways hitting on most motorists travelling after 9pm.

They are allegedly operating on a radius of between 50km and 80km on both roads from the border town.

The spikes are being used mostly on a stretch near the Bubi area where the road is being upgraded and there is a detour.

Along the Bulawayo road, the criminals are pouncing on the victims between Bishopstone turn-off and the Musane turn-off.

The police officer commanding Beitbridge district (Dispol), Chief Superintendent Tichaona Nyongo said, so far, they had received five reports since the beginning of this month.

“We are worried about this new trend in robberies where criminals are patrolling the roads at night targeting those who would have had breakdowns or using spikes to immobilise vehicles,” he said.

“Two incidents were recorded along the Beitbridge to Bulawayo road between the Bishopstone turn-off and the Musane turn-off, while three occurred at the detour at Bubi (80km) along the road leading to Masvingo”.

Chief Supt Nyongo said all the matters were still under investigation and that they were yet to make any arrests.

He said it was important for motorists to travel during the day to avoid such incidents.

Where possible, he said, the motorists should drive in convoys to minimise the risk considering that most of the victims so far were lone motorists.

Of late there is an increase in motorists using the two major roads which connect Beitbridge and the rest of the country, as more Zimbabweans arrive from Eswatini, Lesotho, and South Africa for Christmas and New Year’s Holidays.

Figures from the Department of immigration indicate that an average of 4000 people are using the border daily since December 10.

Most of the travellers are using their private vehicles, while a sizeable number is using buses. Herald


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