Thursday 16 December 2021


ZANU PF is now geared to hold provincial elections with contestants expected to submit their curriculum vitaes (CVs) in their respective provinces as from the 17th of December 2021.

Speaking at press conference at the party headquarters yesterday, newly appointed national political commissar Dr Mike Bimha said aspiring candidates should be fully paid up members.

“Those expected to participate should be fully paid up members. Only party districts executive members will elect provincial members at designated election points” said Dr Bimha.

The final dates for provincial elections will be announced in due course after completion of the vetting exercise.

“As you are aware in the last Politburo meeting, it was resolved that we should now hold our provincial elections which have been shelved due to the need for the party to focus on the preparations of the Annual 19th People’s Conference.

“Now that the conference is behind us and that the conference was a big success, we are now geared to move and finalise on the elections of our provincial structures,” said Dr Bimha.

He commended provincial councils for the assistance accorded to the head office in preparing for the elections.

The party has already put in place the election guidelines with only fully paid up members expected to contest.

“We have now put a framework to guide these elections and we are presently communicating the same to our provinces. It is our hope that by Sunday the 19th of December all provinces will have completed outstanding party districts elections,” said Dr Bimha.

Those who are aspiring for the positions of the provincial chairpersons are expected to submit their CVs by Friday this week at their respective provinces.

“Aspiring provincial chairpersons, chairladies and provincial youth chairpersons must submit their Curriculum vitaes to their respective provinces by the 17th of December 2021 and that all aspiring candidates wishing to occupy provincial executive positions must also submit their CVs to their respective provinces by the 17th of December 2021”.

All provinces are expected to convene Provincial Coordinating Committees (PCCs) this weekend which will be addressed by Politburo members.

“We are directing all provinces to convene (PCCs) which will be addressed by Politburo members on either Saturday the 18th of December or the 19th of December 2021. The Politburo members will collect CVs mentioned as well as list of DCCs and outgoing provincial executive committees which will be submitted to the Zanu PF Headquarters on Monday the 20th of December 2021,” said Dr Bimha.

All aspiring youth candidates, Dr Bimha emphasised, must be 35 years or below. Provinces shall be assigned to supervise elections in other provinces.

And the provinces must select competent candidates who will serve as presiding and polling officers in the host province. Herald


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