Wednesday 8 December 2021


Zimbabwe saw 4 031 new Covid-19 confirmed cases recorded by the Ministry of Health and Child Care yesterday, the highest daily total since the first case was seen in the country early last year.

The previous daily record was 3 110 at the peak of the third wave.

The current wave has seen rapidly rising infection rates over the past 12 days since the rolling average hit 26, a post third-wave minimum, on Thursday November 25.

Infection rates went over 1 000 a day on Thursday last week, halved on Sunday to 523, and then shot up to 2 555 on Monday and 4 031 yesterday. In the seven days from Wednesday last week to yesterday there have been 11 007 new cases.

Death rates remained very low as the current wave gathered momentum, being either zero or just one each day until this week. On Monday though three deaths were reported and yesterday four, all in health facilities.

The numbers in hospital are still small although there were 52 new admissions yesterday.

By 3pm yesterday, there were 226 Covid-19 patients in hospital with 13 showing no symptoms, 173 showing mild to moderate symptoms, 39 showing severe symptoms and just one needing intensive care.

This means just 1,9 percent of the 11 908 active cases are in hospital, the rest sufficiently mild to be recovering at home or school.

Vaccinations are now starting to rise, with 32 921 jabs given yesterday to bring the totals to 3 896 589 people having at least one jab  and of these 2 910 953 having had both. Herald


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