Saturday 27 November 2021


A Bulawayo family yesterday staged a mini-demonstration at Doves Funeral Service in the Central Business District against the husband of a South Africa-based Zimbabwean, who died under alleged mysterious circumstances in the neighbouring country.

Ms Constance Tshuma (39) is said to have committed suicide, a couple of weeks ago, by jumping off a three-storey building in SA’s upmarket suburb of Midrand.

However, her family said they suspected she had been murdered by her estranged husband, who they claim was abusive towards her.

Relatives carried placards outside the funeral palour, with various messages on gender based violence, with some threatening to mete out instant justice on Mr Medisen Mugwagwa who had travelled with the late Ms Tshuma’s body from South Africa.

Some of the messages on the placards read; “Stop killing women: No to Gender Based Violence”, “Where is my mother, Meddy is asking” and “Mobilise commitment and action to end Gender Based Violence”.

Questioned on the circumstances leading to his wife’s death, Mr Mugwagwa rebuked this reporter telling him that he had no right to question anyone on the death.

“Who are you, I saw you talking to those arrogant relatives, you must first come to me and I grant you that right, please leave me alone,” said Mr Mugwagwa.

A brother to the late, Ms Tshuma, Mr Thembani Jubane said all they wanted were answers because a lot of things were not adding up.

“My brother-in-law claims they had a small fight in the house on the fateful day, which resulted in my sister jumping from the flat which resulted in her death.

‘‘The reason we do not believe this story is because my sister was naked and the distance which she is said to have jumped is not much to result in death and even the landing area was a thick layer of lawn.

“All we want is to get to the bottom of this issue. When we got to the scene she just had a cut on her lip, pathologist told us that she died from blunt injuries because she landed on her stomach and chest, so there was internal bleeding,” said Mr Jubane.

He revealed that they hoped to get closure once they get a detailed post mortem report so as to get an understanding of the cause of Ms Tshuma’s death.

“What we know as a family is that our sister   was in an abusive relationship, she was on depression medication and had constantly complained about Mr Mugwagwa’s conduct towards her.

‘‘Further, the manner in which Mr Mugwagwa is treating us as a family is leaving us with more questions than answers.

‘‘He has boasted that no one in the family can do anything to him, of which we feel is unfortunate especially to our parents who just want closure on what happened to their daughter,” said Mr Jubane.

Another relative who preferred anonymity said their fear was that Ms Tshuma’s death will not get the justice it deserved.

“The fact that Mr Mugwagwa is walking free shows us that our daughter’s death will just be forgotten, which is the reason we came here and held this demonstration so that everyone, even Mr Mugwagwa, knows what we really feel,” said the relative.

Ms Tshuma was buried at Athlone Cemetery in the city yesterday. Sunday News


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