Wednesday 3 November 2021


The Municipality of Chinhoyi has suspended its Mzari Polyclinic sister-in-charge,Ms Charity Muzani over 27 vaccination cards that went missing under unclear circumstances last month.

Council Director of Health, Doctor William Mayabo told H-Metro that the local authority had suspended Munaki pending investigations as the matter has already been handed over to the police for further management.

“The Sister-in-charge of Mzari clinic has been suspended over 27 Covid-19 vaccination cards that went missing at the clinic last month,”said Mayabo.

He added, ” As the sister-in-charge, Munaki was supposed to know where the cards went, because she is the one who had custody of the keys, in which she is the only one who fills in stock cards and everything, but she just said the cards are missing,”

He said as a result, the local authority took action over the matter.

“So the action that we took is the issue was reported to ZRP, which referred the case to CID.

It is still under investigation,” he said.

Mayabo said as a local authority, they had suspended Munaki to allow room for further investigations.

He said the town clerk, Mr Maxwell Kaitano managed to come up with a board of inquiry.

“Our internal audit is ceased with investigations as well.

We want to audit from the start including all the medical equipment at Mzari Polyclinic,” said Mayabo.

He added,” We have received auditors from the ministry of health. They are already on the ground.”

Mayabo said the audit team from the Ministry of Health and Child Care is auditing not only the missing cards, but everything that is within some of the council clinics, but not targeting Mzari.

“So Ministry of Health is into it. It’s not the first time they have come. It’s not in response to the suspension of Munaki but they also help us,” he said.

Mayabo refused to tell H-Metro if the sister in charge was suspended with full benefits.

” That one I can not answer,” he said.

A nurse at one of the council clinics who requested anonymity for professional reasons said the suspension of Munaki was going to open a can of worms.

“Munaki’s suspension is going to open a can of worms as some of the health workers were involved in underhand dealing,” he said.

The nurse added,” Vanhu vakawanda in the health department vanogona kuenda kumba,”. H Metro


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