Tuesday 16 November 2021


 Television host Tinashe Mugabe has taken the Health Professions Authority Zimbabwe to court challenging suspension of his ‘The Closure DNA show’.

The show was suspended after the board together with the Medical Laboratory and Clinical Scientists Council Zimbabwe (MCAZ) ruled that Mugabe was not professionally qualified to issue DNA tests results live on air.

Mugabe made the application through his company the Global Parentage Services (Private) Limited seeking an order declaring the actions by the two boards null and void.

In his argument, Mugabe submits that he had already complied with requirements by the two boards before his show took to air on the national broadcaster.

Mugabe further claims that the suspension of his business was also handled without due diligence.

“Global DNA Zimbabwe had a legitimate expectation of being heard before an adverse decision was made against it.

“It thus has an interest in the matter before this honourable court in that its business has been suspended unlawfully, with great loss to its income and the benefit it was brought to users of its services.

“The Global DNA Zimbabwe should not even have been registered as a health institution as it is not one. The company is not a health institution in terms of section 2(1) of the Health Professions Act (Chapter 27:19),” reads Mugabe’s founding affidavit.

He accused both institutions of infringing upon his rights.

“The Health Professions Authority Zimbabwe cannot at law, order the closure of the Global DNA Zimbabwe’s offices as it is not a health institution in any case.

“In ordering the closure as it did, it is exercising power over an entity it does not have authority over.

“There are no disputes of fact whatsoever that are material in this application.

“The court can take a robust view of the facts and make a decision. Issues here can be resolved on paper,” continued the affidavit.

The television host also claims that when he started his operations he had even employed a laboratory scientist at his collection site.

He said that all samples after collection were being sent out of Zimbabwe for testing before results were eventually announced to his clients.

The matter is awaits the court’s determination. H Metro


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