Sunday 7 November 2021


 Some political rants on social media seem to be coming back to haunt social media celebrity Tyra Chikocho, popularly known as Madam Boss in showbiz circles.

Madam Boss has been posting some inflammatory and controversial posts, igniting a viral backlash in the process.

In August the comedienne came under fire after trivialising protests over the death of a minor giving birth at an apostolic sect shrine in Marange.

She, however, apologised but the damage had been done.

Just recently Madam Boss posted a controversial post on Facebook, which insinuated her support for MDC Alliance President Nelson Chamisa.

The post, which questioned service delivery, also contained the hashtag #Ngapinde Hake Mukomana.

Ngapinde Hake Mukomana is a slogan coined by citizens who want MDC Alliance leader Nelson Chamisa to win after the 2023 polls.

“Nhaimi mota dzema Dhodhabhini dzakaendepiko, kwedu rangova dhizasta, dsirikuuyawo here kwenyu. Ngaa…….e…..m…….a!!,” Madam Boss  posted.

However, she quickly removed the post, but hordes of people had already reacted to the post, while others had taken screen shots.

A source close to the comedienne told Standard Style that some of the posts were inviting a backlash while coming back to haunt her.

“She tries very hard to get a lot of people to follow her posts on social media and in the process she misfires,” said the source.

“However, she does try to please all people across the political divide, but it’s not working in this polarised society of ours.

“Comedians in other countries are making money out of these political skits and posts, but for Madam Boss, it’s a different ball altogether.”

“At the end of the day, these posts come back to haunt her, especially the one she posted about Ngaapinde Hake Mukomana.”

The source said Madam Boss was forced to pull out the posts by “unknown” people.

Information minister Monica Mutsvangwa recently said government has appointed a team to monitor what Zimbabweans post on social media.

Mutsvangwa was, however, quick to state that the government did not intend to regulate social media.

“We have actually come up with a cyber-team that is constantly on social media to monitor what people send and receive since we cannot wish social media away,” Mutsvangwa said.

“We are also appealing to the Zimbabweans and top government officials that whatever message they post on social media should be to build not to destroy the community.”

When contacted about the Ngaapinde Hake Mukomana post, Madam Boss hung her phone.

Efforts to reconnect with her were fruitless as she was not answering calls.

In August Madam Boss was conspicuous by her absence when a group of women under the banner Young Women for ED (Economic Development) met President Emmerson Mnangagwa.

The Young Women for ED project is one of a plethora of schemes spearheaded by Zanu PF-aligned businesspeople to prop up support for Mnangagwa.

Artists such as Sandra Ndebele and Felistas Murata Edwards, aka Mai TT are members of the movement.

The project and many others, according to sources, are being coordinated by businesswoman Zodwa Mkandla.

Meanwhile, Madam Boss said she was humbled by the support she has been getting from people who have been voting for the African Social Star E Online People’s choice awards.

Voting for the continental awards is ongoing online.

“I’m humbled by the support that I have been receiving, the response is good and I hope we will win it,” Madam Boss said.

“The win will not just be a Madam Boss win but a win for every Zimbabwean.

“I am also grateful to the people who have been supporting all my endeavours, the Madam Boss foundation, and the corporates that have trusted my name and brand.” Standard


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