Monday 8 November 2021


Ezra Chadzamira, the Minister of State for Masvingo did not please at a National Peace and Reconciliation Commission (NPRC) meeting held in Masvingo last week when he went on a tirade of hate speech.

Chadzamira attacked the civic society as puppets of Western countries bent on derailing Zimbabwe’s economic progress.

He also attacked Western countries as imperialists who continue to have colonial interests on the country. His speech was not well received by more than 100 delegates at the meeting. The meeting started at 9 am and ended at 1 pm.

Some important guests at the meeting included Commissioner Tinashe Rukuni, retired justice Selo Nare (NPRC chairperson) Chief Mazungunye, Provincial Development Coordinator Jefta Sakupwanya, Minister of State for Masvingo and various other head of departments

The NPRC is a Constitutional body established to promote peace, healing, reconciliation and social cohesion.

Former MDC Alliance legislator for Masvingo West, Jefreyson Chitando, said Chadzamira’s speech was read on the wrong platform, because NPRC does not promote name calling but reconciliation.

“We don’t promote hate speech on such platform because we will be trying to heal the nation,” said Chitando.

One NPRC provincial member who spoke to The Mirror on condition of anonymity said the organisers said the NPRC meetings are just talk shows as they (NPRC) don’t have the power to act or make decision that will it making an impact in the area.

“We are booked in hotels and fed, but nothing is coming out of these talk shows. If nothing is done to make the committees effective, then is going to be another wastage of resources,” he said.

Chadzamira was fingered as the man who organised violence against MDC leader Nelson Chamisa when he allegedly hired thugs, sex workers and unemployed youth to barricade road and stop the man from visiting a family where he wanted to pass condolences two weeks ago.

Chadzamira was accused together with councillors Wellington Mahwende and Sengerai Manyanga “Our detractors have not stopped on sabotaging the country’s development agenda. With the future of our country firmly thrust on engagement and re-engagement, reforms and opening up of the economy, foreign sponsored activists are on a war path to denigrate our economic development trajectory, seeking to create chaos, conflict and unrelenting confrontation.

“It is not therefore surprising that some of the alleged conflict zones in the province that include Sese in Chivi, Chilonga and Chingwizi have potential for huge foreign and domestic investment that improve the livelihoods of our people,” said Chadzamira. Masvingo Mirror


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