Friday 5 November 2021


A 24-YEAR-OLD Rusape woman scalded her husband’s private parts with cooking oil following a domestic dispute.

Moreblessing Muteswa, a mother of one, told H-Metro that she boiled some cooking oil and scalded her husband for physically abusing her.

Muteswa, who is serving an attempted murder sentence at Marondera Female Open Prison, opened up yesterday during a media tour.

Regretting her actions, Muteswa urged married women to consider divorce than committing crimes of passion.

“Prison life is not good at all even where we are allowed to take home leave and return to cells,” said Muteswa.

“One day in a prison cell is equal to a thousand years and such a life is not good at all.

“My husband used to beat me up nearly every day for no apparent reason. One day I woke up with a spirit of revenging and that led me into boiling cooking that I poured on him targeting his private parts.

“Ndakamudira mafuta anopisa akavarairwa akatsva asi kurwadziwa kwandaitwa nejeri kwandiparadzawo.

“I regret it; I do not see it as a solution to my abuse since it was like from the frying pan into the fire.

“Kana pane madzimai arikufunga kutsiva murume wake anomushungurudza nenzira yakadaro ngaasvipire pasi pfungwa iyoyo.

“It is better to quit that marriage, report to police or seek advice from church pastors and elders,” said Muteswa.

She told H-Metro that she is going to take her time before getting married upon her release.

Muteswa, one of the first inmates to benefit at Marondera Female Open Prison, thanked its patron Amai Auxilia Mnangagwa for considering women’s woes.

“I deserved to be incarcerated because what I did was extreme evil,” said Muteswa.

“I accepted my conviction and sentence and complied with prison officers.

“I want to believe that opened a way for me to be counted among 22 inmates selected for open prison,” she said. H Metro



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