Saturday 20 November 2021


Chikomba District Development Coordinator Michael Mariga was nabbed by Police detectives on Wednesday just after he received marked US$60 that was allegedly for bribe.

The incident happened inside Chikomba Rural District Council Chief Executive Officer, Bullen Chiwara’s office in Chivhu where the two were to hold a meeting with a woman who represented an NGO and wanted to sign a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with the local authority.

Both Chiwara and Mariga were searched for the money by Police and it was later pulled out of a corner in a sofa by Mariga who then handed it over to the detectives.

Mariga allegedly demanded US$150 to sign the MOU but later agreed to bring the amount down.

The detectives were tipped by Teresa Dangwa (61) that Mariga was demanding a bribe and a sting operation was arranged to arrest him. The detectives swopped on him just after he pocketed the money.

He appeared before Regional Magistrate Sam Chitumwa at Chivhu today and was ordered to pay RTGS$5 0000 bail, stay at his official house at Range in Chivhu and appear for further remand on December 2, 2021.

It is the State case that Mariga, who is employed Ministry of Local Government and National Housing as DDC was approached by the informant, Dangwa of Plot 89 Mungati Resettlement, Chivhu on Monday at his offices at the Ranch.

Teresa intended to discuss an unsigned MOU between her NGO, Dangwa Intiatives and Chikomba RDC which incidentally had been approved by the Provincial office in Marondera for a period of over a year.

Mariga told Dangwa that a special meeting needed to be convened for them to sit down and sign the MOU and the meeting would include Dangwa, Chiwara, one Chari and the complainant herself.

 He told Dangwa to pay at least US$150 for the provision of refreshments for the three people so that the process could be fast trekked.

After negotiations the amount was reduced to US$60 which she was to bring to the meeting.

At 1030am yesterday Dangwa brought the MOU for processing at Chikomba RDC Offices and the accused escorted Dangwa to Chiwara’s office and he was given 3 x US$20 notes along the way with serial number NF64416634B, NF37888062A and PG80141312C.

Detectives immediately entered the office with an authorized Trap Certificate and searched the accused and Chiwara and failed to locate the money.

After the search, accused voluntarily took the trap money from the sofa he was sitting on and handed it to the detectives. Serial numbers on the recorded trap money and on the Trap Certificate matched leading to the arrest of the accused person.

The State was represented by prosecutor Mike Tendai Choto. Masvingo Mirror


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