Thursday 4 November 2021


Ten learners from Chemhanza Mission in Hwedza District have been dismissed over mischief in hostel.

The learners consist of five boys and five girls.

The learners were dismissed as the boys allegedly sneaked into the girls’ dormitories at night to meet with their female counterparts.

Chemhanza Mission principal Saul Tadzaushe confirmed the dismissal of the 10 students who were trapped by the school’s matron Rijaina Ndhlamini.

“We have already expelled all the five boys and five girls who will now seat for their final Ordinary Level examinations as external candidates, they will be coming from their homes,” said Tadzaushe.

The principal said the behaviour of the errant learners had gone out of hand, which prompted the school authorities to send them home.

“Some of these students got mischievous and we got the rumor about their conduct and our security led by Mutangadura set up a trap.

“Through the security, we heard that there were boys who were cutting the school security fence to gain access into the girls’ dormitories at night where they were finally trapped.

“The security team called their boss Mutangadura and the Chemhanza High School Matron (Rijaina Ndhlamini) who locked them in,” he said.

Tadzaushe said they followed all the protocols after trapping the boys.

“We then informed the Ministry of Primary and Secondary Education and the Ministry gave us a letter authorising us to dismiss them from Chemhanza Mission School as our boarding students.

“We are now firmly geared up clearing any misbehaving student from our school now, that is our only tool to safeguard the rest of the innocent students at Chemhanza.

“I am a new principal and expect a brand new Chemhanza Mission School with well-mannered pupils.

“All of these expelled students accepted their fate but we do not know for how long have they been doing this because we opened recently.

“We asked the boys why they have been doing this and they said we had gone to see our girlfriends,” he said.

Asked whether they were caught having sexual intercourse, he added:

“No they did not have sexual intercourse because there were security personnel keeping an eye on them from all corners.

“They did not have sex, they were just continuously hugging each other in that one room, ukawona mwana anosvika pakuyita sexual intercourse, ibhinya.”

The new school administrator said the late night meetings were well planned.

“They arrange these meetings during lunch time when they meet at the dining hall.

“Initially, they all wanted to deny it until one child of a UK based parent made a confession that it was well planned,” said Tadzaushe.

He however confessed it’s not an easy decision expelling a student.

“Expelling them is a process and by today (Monday), some of the girls had not yet been officially expelled until today (Tuesday).

“So we have set an example to all the students that if you do anything that is not about books, some mischief, you will just go home without any excuse,” he said.

One of the parents who talked H-Metro whilst taking her child back home could not hide their disappointment.

“Many students are doing this at many schools, including poor schools,” he said .

Another parent hailed the school authorities for the move they took.

“We thank the school for the proper procedure taken since they did not use emotions.

“What is bad is when a child misbehaves, then you kill his or her future, that is wrong because misbehavior ends with age but their future is endless,” he said. H Metro


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