Tuesday 5 October 2021


Relatives to the Mvuma woman who was last week allegedly killed by her husband brew a shocker when they buried her body at her husband’s homestead in Zaka.

Regina Khumbula (35) was allegedly killed by her husband, Rameck Batirai (39) who reportedly wanted the wife’s body parts for ritual purposes.

Batirai however, was sold out by their one-year-old son who continued to cry uncontrolablly at the crime scene as he was in the process of removing the body parts.

On Monday, relatives of the late Khumbula went to the suspect’s parents’ homestead in Zaka where they dug a shallow grave at the centre of the homestead and buried her.

A relative told The Herald they did not involve relatives of the husband when they conducted the burial ceremony.

“They were just following proceedings with folded hands as we conducted the burial ceremony. The centre of the homestead was the perfect place we thought was suitable enough to send our message well to them that we are still pained and in shock over the manner in which our daughter was killed by her husband,” said the relative who requested not to be named.

In a video that has gone viral, the deceased Khumbula’s relatives could be seen singing and dancing as they bade her farewell while others were digging a grave at the centre of a homestead. Herald


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