Wednesday 13 October 2021


THE Zimbabwe Anti-Corruption Commission (Zacc) investigating officer in the case involving police Commissioner Erasmus Makodza yesterday accused the top cop of forging EcoCash transactions in a “desperate bid” to nail property developer Felix Munyaradzi.

Makodza is accused of influencing the police to give his girlfriend a police farm. The top cop also accused Eric Chacha of Zacc of having an illicit relationship with Munyaradzi. He also alleged that Chacha’s wife had received some money through EcoCash from Munyaradzi.

But Chacha told magistrate Noel Mupeiwa that Makodza had forged EcoCash and bank statements purporting that he (Chacha) had received the money from Munyaradzi. Chacha said Makodza did that to try to deter him from proceeding with investigations against him. He claimed that Makodza even sent people to take pictures of a house in Marondera which he allegedly said belonged to the investigator and caused its publication in the media.

Chacha said he was investigated — on allegations by Makodza — by Zacc, the Special Anti-Corruption Unit and police who found out that the EcoCash number purported to be that of Munyaradzi was not even registered on the platform.

The Zacc report, however, recommended that Makodza be investigated for either making a false report to the police or alternatively obstructing or defeating the course of justice.

Chacha in his testimony to court said the CR14 obtained from Steward Bank showed that Makodza was a director of the company owned by Maonei Chapfudza, the alleged girlfriend.

He said Makodza had on several occasions received money from Chapfudza’s company through his personal bank account.

Makodza’s lawyer, Tapiwa Makanza asked Chacha why he was communicating with Munyaradzi on the day Makodza was arrested, to which he responded that he was investigating him on another matter.

The matter was postponed to October 25 for continuation. Newsday


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