Friday 22 October 2021


IN a case bordering on extortion, a Mutare man has approached the courts seeking a protection order to prevent a guy who is alleging that the former is having an extramarital with his wife from pestering him.

Tendai Nyamaza claims his life has been turned into hell on earth by Knowledge Murape as the latter has become a menacing threat.

Murape is accusing Nyamaza of dating his wife, and has resorted to harassing and assaulting him. Mutare magistrate, Ms Purity Gumbo, preside over the matter.

Nyamaza told the court that Murape was giving him a torrid time, both at his work place, and residence as he was constantly following and threatening him.

“This man is demanding money from me to maintain “our wife”, as he puts it. He is accusing me of being her new lover,” he said.

“I pray that this court grants me a protection order against him so that there is peace. He is now a problem in my life.

“I want him to stop assaulting, harassing me and following me wherever I go. He says he wants maintenance for his wife from me. This is absurd!”

Nyamaza added that Murape verbally abuses him using obscene words, calling him a wife snatcher.

However, Murape refuted the allegations, and insisted that Nyamaza was in the habit of calling and texting his wife.

The pair is dating, he claimed.

“Your Worship, after seeing his number and some messages in my wife’s phone, I gathered some information about him on Facebook.

“I called him, and went to his workplace so that we could talk as men and get to the bottom of the matter since we were both interested in the same woman,” said Murape, adding: “I confronted my wife about the issues, and she denied having an affair with him even after I had seen the messages they were exchanging. She even destroyed the phone to get rid of the evidence.”

Nyamaza, however, insisted he was clean. “He is just suspecting. There is nothing between us,” he said  Ms Gumbo granted the protection order.

She ordered Murape to refrain from pestering Nyamaza, and must live in peace with his wife and others. Manica Post



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