Wednesday 20 October 2021


A man from Rujeko C in Masvingo allegedly bedded his 22-year-old girlfriend who is doing Chemical Engineering at Masvingo Poly in the presence of his wife of three years.

The incident happened on Tuesday last week and it has forced Fadzai Chikanga to move out of her matrimonial home and go back to her relatives in Runyararo West, The Mirror has confirmed.Desire Manombe (26), a security guard is now staying with pregnant Rutendo Chaziva after the departure of Chikanga.

Manombe told The Mirror in a telephone interview that he no longer loved his wife hence his actions. Fadzai Chikanga also confirmed the story but Rutendo refused to speak to the Press.Chikanga said it all started on Wednesday morning last week when her husband who was coming from night shift brought along Rutendo and introduced her as his new wife. She said her husband is trained in karate.

After the introductions the two got into bed in the one room that Manombe rents in the populous suburb. Shattered by what the two were about to do, Chikanga went next door and sought the intervention of neighbours.

‘It shocked me when they got into my bed. I rushed to tell neighbours who came and persuaded them to stop what they were doing. The neighbours even told Rutendo that it was taboo for her to sleep on another woman’s bed but they went back into bed as soon as the neighbours left.

“They made love and it pained me so much. I was chocked with pain. I spent the night together with Rutendo after my husband had gone to work. I would not touch Rutendo because Manombe is trained in karate and he would have killed me if I did that.

“I consulted my relatives the next day and they told me to pack my bags and leave,” said Chikanga. Masvingo Mirror


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