Tuesday 19 October 2021


SELF-proclaimed prophet Enock Mushinye on Sunday drowned in a dam in Mvurwi after he claimed that the Holy Spirit had instructed him to search for a missing child.

Mushinye had travelled from Centenary to Mount Gomeri Farm in Mvurwi to perform “miracles” when he met his death.

He allegedly told Lucia Chipwanya (50), the mother of the missing child, Talent Tanaka, and some of his congregants at an apostolic sect gathering that the Holy Spirit had instructed him to dive into a local dam in search of the child.

Mashonaland Central police spokesperson Inspector Milton Mundembe confirmed the incident.  He said the self-styled prophet had instructed his congregants to stop singing for three hours as he searched for the missing child.

“I can confirm a case of sudden death in Mvurwi where Mushinye drowned after diving into a dam in search of a missing child.  Before he jumped into the dam he instructed his congregants to stop singing for three hours, claiming that he had been commanded by the Holy Spirit to search for the child in the water.  He never came back and it was discovered that he had drowned,” Mundembe said.

“His congregants went home around 7pm and came back the following morning.  They failed to locate him and then made a police report.  In the afternoon, the police sub-aqua unit managed to retrieve his corpse.”

Police warned people against being misled by religious beliefs.

“We are warning members of the public to desist from playing in, or near water bodies even when they claim to be led by the so-called Holy Spirit.” Mundembe said. Newsday


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