Friday 29 October 2021


FOLLOWING misunderstanding with her mother over a cellphone, a Grade Seven pupil at a Mutare school decided to take what she thought was the easy way out when she eloped to her boyfriend’s place.

The girl fled their home after her mother had cautioned her over her unbecoming behaviour.

She told the court that she had decided to cohabit with her boyfriend to escape the constant reprimanding by her mother, which she described as a thorn in the flesh.

Shocked by her daughter’s move, the mother said she was lost for words.

She could not understand what had come over the child to make her think life with her boyfriend was better.

However, the development has landed the man involved with the girl in soup.

Obey Munyuki (25) was sentenced to an effective 14 months in prison for sleeping with a minor as defined in Section 70 of the Criminal Law (Codification and Reform) Act, Chapter 9.23.

Mutare magistrate, Ms Prisca Manhibi presided over the matter, while Ms Tafadzwa Chiwanza prosecuted.

The court heard that sometime in September, Munyika proposed love to the complainant and she accepted.

“On September 12, the girl left home on the pretext that she was going to church, but went to Munyika’s place instead.

“The two started staying together as husband and wife, becoming intimate on several occasions,” said Ms Chiwanza.

After two weeks, Munyuki sent the girl to his rural home in Chihota where she stayed for one week before coming back.

On October 6, the girl’s mother, who had been interrogating Munyuki about the whereabouts of her daughter, reported the matter to the police.

Munyuki was subsequently arrested. Manica Post


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