Thursday 28 October 2021


A Harare girl aged six stands accused of murdering a six-year-old boy after she pushed him to the ground resulting in his death.

The two children were playing in Glen Norah C and are both ECD pupils at a local school and are neighbours.

In a Tweet, police said the incident happened last week Sunday and the six-year-old boy died yesterday.

“Police in Harare are investigating a murder case in which Given Tsuro (6) died upon admission at Sally Mugabe Hospital yesterday after a six-year-old girl pushed him whilst playing, resulting in him sustaining serious head injuries.  The victim collapsed on the tarmac on 17/10/21 along 5th Close Road, Glen Norah C,” Tweeted the police.

National police spokesperson Assistant Commissioner Paul Nyathi said they were treating the case as murder.

“It’s a murder and we want to find out what really transpired and we will also be guided by medical experts, the laws of the land in terms of handling cases involving minors,” said Assistant Commissioner Nyathi.

He said the six-year-old girl was under the care of her parents.

“The minor is under the parents’ custody as the investigations are ensuing. We are not at liberty to say when the minor is expected to appear in court,” said Assistant Commissioner Nyathi.

He urged parents, guardians and school authorities to monitor children while they play.

“We had a case in Masvingo of a grade one pupil assaulted a classmate whilst they were playing a kicking game known as “Kigida” or “Magadu” on October 15, 2021, with the victim dying from the injuries.

“When children are playing, they must be monitored and they must be told to play in such a manner they don’t injure one another, like what we witnessed in Masvingo and Harare,” said Assistant Commissioner Nyathi. Chronicle



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